Monday, November 11, 2013

1st Haircut!

Today was a special day. Will and I went to lunch together and then went for his very first haircut.

I've been nervous about getting his haircut. Not sure why. I guess it just meant one of those milestones where he was becoming even more of a little boy and less of my baby.

But the mullet had gone long enough. The sweet, adorable, curly-after-his-bath baby mullet.

Now, my sweet little baby mullet kid looks like a big boy thanks to some scissors, a penguin cape and a patient stylist at Great Clips.

 I have no idea what was happening in the next picture. But whatever it was, it was hilarious.

He started getting antsy when the trimmers came out but luckily the comb helped get him through it.

And when he was done there were a bunch of ladies hanging out to ooh and ahh over his adorableness. Can you tell he liked the attention?

Good job little man.

PS - You look adorable.

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  1. He is just so adorable. Can't believe that one year has come and gone. So many milestones in one year!